The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it, put your whole soul into it...every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have.
- John D. Rockefeller III
25+ years experience...
Award winning artist...
Welcome to:

 Love That Glass 
Nancy Boevingloh

Farmington, MO

Hello, and welcome to my place... 

I own and operate a stained glass studio in 
Farmington, Missouri. Looking for 
stained glass supplies, hot glass supplies, or 
interested in some gorgeous custom made stained 
glass for your home  or business? Please feel free to 
contact me, I ship all over the world.  

The real reason I created this website though 
was because of my jewelry kaleidoscopes.

            The idea to create these pieces came about quite by accident and I 
was instantly hooked. And, it wasn't until the third piece that I realized that what I was creating was really, really out there.

 So please, browse my pages, and take a look at what I have created: Jewelry Kaleidoscopes, Art Sculptures, Eclectic stained glass lampshades and other unique pieces all created with last century items. 

I discovered over time that these pieces were really a reflection of me, my 
thoughts and who I am. One's art really is a reflection of one's self. It's a peek 
into one's soul. 

So, if you're an artist...of any medium, I invite you to take a look.
The possibilities of using 20th century items to create your own masterpieces 
is so completely unlimited. I've discovered that every single piece really 
does show your sense of color and style. 

February 2009 update:

               For those of you who have expressed an interest in purchasing 
one of my pieces...thank you! I have been updating each piece of art 
that is available with a 'purchase' button. A shopping cart from Paypal will 
appear and calculate shipping and then you can make a safe and
secure purchase thru Paypal.

                                          Nancy Boevingloh
Using 20th century items like vintage jewelry, pewter miniatures, pill boxes, 
napkin holders, thimbles,  and other very cool, unique items, I began to mix 
them with stained glass. What started out as kaleidoscopes with touches of jewelry 
began  to evolve into art that had a statement to make or a story to tell.

It's been very exciting, and yet disheartening, as I've made these pieces. 
Exciting, because the possibilities for expression are endless. Disheartening, 
because a lot of the pieces I've used are from American companies that are no 
longer in business. Whether you're an artist who is intrigued by what I've 
written, or an art lover who appreciates someone who has spent a lifetime
 trying to always 'think outside the box', you really want to take a look.
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"...great website, very entertaining. 
I'd have to say it was the best hour and a half 
I ever wasted!" February 2009 comment
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