I am only one small grain of sand trying to be like a ripple on the pond...
Hmmm...What to say about myself. 

I am an artist who made some decisions as a teenager that determined I would take the harder road in life.  I have finally reached a point where I am comfortable with myself and my life and who I am.

I am about a half century old and have decided that I am NOT going to go gently into the night. I am going to embrace my fifties with as much passion and zeal as I possibly can.

I have been doing stained glass for over twenty years. 
It was love at first touch...

I knew the very second that I picked up the glass cutter and cut that first piece of glass that I had just found what I was supposed to be doing with my life. What I had been searching for my entire life and never knew.

I've never taken a class. Instead, I would go to the stained glass stores and study other people's work. Then I would go home and try to do it better.

About the artist...
Nancy Marie Boevingloh 2008
The only art class I ever took in high school was 'Art Appreciation' where I learned about primary and secondary colors. I find it highly ironic that my sense of color turned out to be my strong point in my art. It's made me wonder sometimes what possibilities could have been had if I had 
actually studied art...or gone to college.

I have been experimenting for years with using color to create moods. If you look closely at my work you can see that I tend to gravitate towards colors that bring a sense of peace and calm. Colors that relax... From my 'Wall of Glass' that was at my brick and mortar store 'Love That Glass' in Park Hills, Missouri, to my current studio in Farmington, Missouri, each and every stained glass piece depicts color in totally soothing colors.
I am so fascinated by color that often, when I finish a piece, I'll turn around and do another one and another one,  just so I can see how the colors have changed the effect.
Largest window I've designed and created. 8' x 4' :)
Fall 2010...holding a beautiful sheet of Dichroic glass.